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The end is in sight. 

The Heat 4 Results have just been published and you can view them here.

The overall medals table you can view here and as you’ll notice…I’m still in 4th place overall.  My Heat 4 story came in 6th place which I am pleased with although I admit I think I could have done better with it.  I basically ran out of time on this round and had to rush off a story really quickly.  

So unless my story for the final  Heat 5 round garners more then 15 gold medal votes, I am afraid I am out of the running for 1st position as the leader has 20 golds to their name and is way out in front of everyone else.  

I would say that I’m not jealous, but that would be a total lie.  

I’m a writer – we all get jealous of one another when we see someone doing better then us!  😉

But fair play to the leaders.  

To be honest I am very happy to be in the top 5 so far rather then near the bottom so the stories I have written can’t be completely awful.  

Watch this space for the final results due next week.

About the Author

John is an award winning science fiction, horror and fantasy writer. He is also a public speaker and consultant and has worked with Time to Change - a campaign to end mental health stigma - and for Wellment - an organisation that delivers mental health at work training. He loves science fiction, fantasy and horror stories and novels. His work has appeared in Vector Magazine, Ink Pantry, Sci-Fi Bloggers, The Huffington Post and more. His short fantasy "Thanks for Applying" won an Honourable Mention Award in the Writers of the Future competition in 2017. HIs short horror "By the Boiler's Hand" was longlisted for the 2018 James White Award and won an Honourable Mention in the Writers of the Future competiton the same year. John has spoken at several events including the Nine Worlds Geekfest in London, Bristol Con 2018, and the Moorfields NHS Trust. He has delivered masterclasses on ending mental health stigma in the workplace for Time to Change. He lives with his wife and a pile of books in the UK.

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