By the Boiler’s Hand makes James White Award 2018 Longlist

Sometimes you toil away for years before getting any kind of acknowledgement that readers like your work. So when it does happen, it is hard not to feel a sense of achievement and relief!

  • Achievement in that someone you’ve never met tells you they like what you write.
  • Relief that you haven’t just been wasting your time writing stories and novels.

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By the Boiler’s Hand long listed

I found out this month that my Science Fiction short ‘By the Boiler’s Hand’ made the 2018 Longlist of the James White Award. This award was set up in the memory of James White, one of Ireland’s most successful science fiction writers. Aimed towards encouraging new writers, the award is sponsored by ‘Interzone‘ the UKs leading science fiction magazine and the British Science Fiction Association.

I didn’t make the final 6 but to make the final 29 out of over 300 entries is an achievement in my book and means I am getting closer to finding my readers.

So I’d better carry on writing…

James White Award Longlist



About the Author

John is an award winning writer, author and public speaker. He loves science fiction, fantasy and horror stories. His work has appeared in Vector Magazine, Ink Pantry, Sci-Fi Bloggers, The Huffington Post and more. His short fantasy 'Thanks for Applying' won an Honourable Mention Award in the Writers of the Future competition in 2017. John has spoken at several events including the Nine Worlds Geekfest in London and delivers masterclasses on ending mental health stigma in the workplace for Time to Change.