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Bangkok by night

A nervous traveller’s guide to the far east – Bangkok

Bangkok over BrexitAbout four months ago my wife and I came home from our respective offices, took one look at each other and said pretty much at the same time, “I’m really fed up.”A combination of illness, stress (me), general tiredness, boredom (her) and endless pointless talk about Brexit gave us the push we needed […]

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Short Story Extract

The following is an extract from a yet to be published short story I wrote late last year. It was nominated for an award in several categories in the Spectrum Short Story 2017 competition placing 2nd in ‘Best Setting’, was a runner up in ‘Best Plot’, and a runner up in ‘Best of Show’. By […]

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WTF am I doing

Mental Health: What to do when you don’t feel well

Trigger Warning (TW) – The aim of this post is to share my experiences honestly. Some of the content may trigger an adverse reaction. If this post begins to upset you I advise you to stop reading immediately and contact a member of your support team or someone else you trust. Please note that all mental […]

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