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Sunset on Lonely Beach

A nervous traveller’s guide to the far east – Week 3 – Koh Chang

Beach over the River KwaiI still have my wedding ring. This challenge is in the bag!Since we arrived in Thailand, both my wife and I realised we had walked at least 35 miles (thank you step tracker) just from sightseeing and travelling from place to place. We don’t mind walking about to see things; in […]

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1 Strawberry Farm

A nervous traveller’s guide to the far east – Part 2 – Chiang Mai to Sukhothai

Chiang Mai to Sukhothai11th Februry 2019, Bangkok, Thailand06:45I have managed to temporarily lose my wedding ring. We’re supposed to be at the airport by 08.30 to get our flight to Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand. In 30 minutes the alarm will go and my wife will wake up. I have that long before […]

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Bangkok by night

A nervous traveller’s guide to the far east – Bangkok

Bangkok over BrexitAbout four months ago my wife and I came home from our respective offices, took one look at each other and said pretty much at the same time, “I’m really fed up.”A combination of illness, stress (me), general tiredness, boredom (her) and endless pointless talk about Brexit gave us the push we needed […]

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